Truths and myths about cancer

WHEN we hear the word ‘cancer’, most of us will instinctively conjure up an exaggerated Hollywood version of the disease in our minds where cancer patients almost never survive the disease because it’s more of a death sentence than a... more »

A tree once used to treat leprosy

STANDING about 10 metres high within the compound of the Rajah Charles Brooke Memorial (RCBM) Hospital is a chaulmoogra tree. Its fissured bark is brown and pink in colour while the branches are round and the leaves simple, and alternate... more »

Seagrass and seahorses

WHILST snorkelling off a South Devon beach in England this summer, I came across a vast meadow of eelgrass. This plant (Zostera marina) is found in swathes in warmer waters and is an angiosperm, or flowering plant, that produces pollen.... more »
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