A time to be charitable

CHRISTMAS is usually a time when people shop for presents to give to friends, children or loved ones. The festive season also brings with it the opportunity to be charitable — bringing cheers to the less fortunate in keeping with... more »

Learning from the China experience

THE cultivation of planted forests — or industrial forests — is not a new conservation-friendly plantation scheme in Sarawak. It was initiated by the state government in 1997 to meet environmental preservation as well as economic and social objectives —... more »

Making a case for Inclusive Education

CHILDREN who are born with or who develop disabilities should not be separated out but put together with normal children under a system of inclusive education in mainstream schools. Children should not be denied the fundamental human right to an... more »

Bowled over by the sape

THE mesmerisingly soulful music of the sape captivated Frenchman Julien Cottet when he first heard it some six years ago. Despite being a guitarist with a good ear for the sounds stringed instruments, he finds the haunting twangy tones of... more »

Roads changing the face of rural landscapes

DESPITE Sarawak’s strong economic growth in recent years, longstanding inadequacies persist. One of these is poor rural road connectivity — with quite a high number of the rural population remaining outside the rural road network. The benefits of linking Sarawak’s... more »

Motorbiking round the world

THE world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. An inspirational quote by a Fourth Century philosopher St Augustine of Hippo — with the message that travelling can be one of the most life-changing... more »

‘We are not jaguh kampung’

Taekwondo (WT) exponents strike a blow for Sarawak sports HAS taekwondo (WT) grown by leaps and bounds in Sarawak but remains a least talked-about sport? Certainly, it has enjoyed considerable success of late in the state and country. Persatuan  Taekwondo... more »
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