The ‘Snake King’ of Sibu

WHEN I was a child, I loved reading a Chinese folk story about a snake falling in love with a man. It’s called Madam White Snake. Of course, in real life, this has never happened. In fact, whenever homeowners find... more »

From London to Lundu

MEMBERS of the Anglican Church in Borneo started their own gawai this month, marking the 170th anniversary of the founding of the Mission in this part of Borneo. The organisers have planned a series of events for the parishioners to... more »

Entering the crocs’ domain

THE snapping of a crocodile’s jaws as it grabs hold of its food is more than just a mealtime sound because the reptile commands respect – from its powerful jaws and its survival instincts. It has been years since I... more »

Healthcare volunteers walk the talk

YOU cannot understand someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes – an apt description of the recent initiative by a team of healthcare volunteers from Miri to introduce their first Orthopaedic Outreach Programme to Bario. The team... more »

Ebola, Nipah and animals

EBOLA or Ebola virus disease and Nipah virus infection are named after the African and Asian areas where these life-threating diseases were first identified. Ebola was first located in 1976 in two outbreaks in villages alongside the Ebola River in... more »
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