My chemotherapy experience

    I AM now 60 years old. Five years ago, I was diagnosed with bile duct cancer (peripheral cholangiocarcinoma) in the liver. The solitary tumour measured 10x8x6 cm. It didn’t look good. Two weeks later, I underwent a major surgery under... more »

    Counting his blessings

    A physical fitness coach in Miri gives back to society by promoting good health for the community and doing charity to make life better for the needy

    Wish upon a ‘tulou’ dream

    ORIGINALLY, they functioned as village units, offering safety, shelter and a sense of community. Called tulou, they once served as home, fortress and even marketplace for China’s Hakka people, a Han sub-group that wandered into southern China about 2,000 years... more »

    Stairway up a sacred mountain

    THE mountain has been a source of clean water for drinking, bathing and washing among villagers in the lowlands not just in the past but probably today as well. The lofty area is also believed to be a habitat for... more »
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