Feeling at home in Fuzhou

OUR 12-member media delegation comprising journalists from news organisations in Sarawak on a 16-day tour of China all felt a sense of familiarity when we landed Changle International Airport in Fuzhou city in Fujian province  on…. All of us were... more »

General Qi and the origin of kom pia

The Lin Zexu Memorial Hall which honours Fuzhou’s favourite son who led the China’s war against the opium trade is the main historical building in the area. Lin is recognised as one of China’s national heroes for his leading role... more »

A bazaar town breaks out of its old shell

AFTER World War II, the British colonial government set up several wooden bazaars in Sarawak “to help with its economic and social development.” The role of these bazaars in Nanga Medamit, Tubau, Sebauh and Tatau in Bintulu Division, to name... more »

Penans weaving their life to modernity

MIRI: The newly set up Miri Women Weaving Association (MWWA) registered on March 14, 2016, primarily to help needy nomadic and semi-nomadic Penans in Limbang and Miri divisions, made a good start with their recent sales of baskets and bags.... more »

Options for breast reconstruction

A plastic and reconstructive surgeon discusses the pros and cons of immediate reconstruction and delayed reconstruction following the removal of the cancerous breast(s). BREAST cancer is the number one killer among women in Malaysia. The brutal truth is losing one... more »

A day in the life of a deaf person

THERE are some 300 hearing-impaired people in the state registered with the Sarawak Society for the Deaf (SSD). The actual number of deaf Sarawakians could be higher. Most have some residual hearing, meaning they have not totally lost their hearing... more »
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