The changing flags of Sarawak

    AS usual, in August, Federal government and corporate buildings nationwide will be spruced up with the colours of the national flag in the fortnight or so leading up to National Day. National and state flags can also be seen hanging... more »

    Serving up a delectable menu

    MARINA Bay Sands is the leading business, leisure and entertainment destination in Asia. It features large and flexible convention and exhibition facilities, a 2,561-room five star hotel and is also home to the world’s largest atrium casino. With the famous... more »

    Blues come alive with Kotai in Simunjan

    STUMBLING upon a “Blind Lemon Jefferson” in Simunjan, a remote part of Sarawak, is really out of this world. In this coastal town, right out of the blue came the strains of an acoustic guitar, prompting two wandering blues-loving newspapersmen... more »

    A million-$-smile with great teeth

    HAVING great teeth is the making of a great smile and owning a healthy set of teeth means practising a thorough cleaning regimen on daily basis. “Consistent brushing, flossing and mouth-washing is part and parcel of being able to flash... more »
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