Sharing a unique heritage

    WHEN thinking of Sarawak’s romantic era, many would look to the time of the White Rajahs. The Brookes have always been the subject of nostalgia, which is probably why the frequent visits to the state by the grandson of the... more »

    Conquering the mini universe

    EVERY fortnight, they plot to wage war. Their sole intent – destroy whoever and whatever is unfortunate enough to cross their paths. However, Wargamers Kuching is far from being a group of murderous malcontents with massive chips on their shoulders.... more »

    Breathing space for overcrowded Bau schools

    AS the general population continues to grow throughout Bau District, the issue of overcrowding in secondary schools becomes more acute and warrants serious attention. Overcrowding occurs when the number of students outstrips the intake capacity of a school. This may... more »

    Healthcare access critical for rural residents

    IDEALLY, residents should be able to conveniently and confidently use services such as primary care, dental, behavioral health, emergency and public health services. It is commonsense that access to healthcare service is important for overall physical, social, and mental health... more »

    Old timer fulfils walkaton dream

    GROWING up in Limbang, Abu Bakar Matasan was sprightly and intelligent. Hence, it came as no surprise that he was picked by the English education officer to study at Tanjong Lobang School from the age of eight, starting at Primary... more »
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