Students hoist sails for The Tempest

    NEARLY four centuries after his death on April 23, 1616, William Shakespeare remains one of the most influential and respected playwrights in classical and contemporary literature. Widely regarded as the pre-eminent standard of masterful writing and literary craftsmanship, his plays... more »

    The ‘cultural artists’ of Semban

    CLAD in traditional costumes and wearing brass rings on their forearms and calves, they chewed a mixture of areca nut and betel leaf. With blood-coloured lips — caused by chewing betel quid — they took their seats on the specially... more »

    In pursuit of the magical sape’

    SARAWAK is a blessed state within Malaysia — she boasts natural resources such as forests, mountains and animals that are the dream of every nature lover, a rich and diverse culture unlike any other that can be found in any... more »

    ‘Acrobatic’ yoga scaring off newcomers

    MIRI: ‘Acrobatic’ yoga poses that are often shown on social media and photo sharing sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are actually scaring off newcomers from trying the ancient Indian physical and mental exercises. Certified yoga instructor Roselind Kong... more »

    Continuing an ancestral legacy

    JULAN Nelly Apoi was so hung up on making baskets and becoming a weaver when she was in lower secondary school that she even locked herself in her hostel room. And behind locked doors, she spent hours honing her weaving... more »

    Women and weights

    WHY do you go for weight-training? You will become a female hulk — so ugly! This is the common response from people when asked about women and weight-training. In fact, most women shun the weights room and only concentrate on... more »
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