Are we a nation of smartphone junkies?

    WHEN not at school, Andrew (not his real name) essentially spends all of his time on the smartphone — Internet surfing, playing video games and on Facebook. The 14-year-old spends anywhere between six and 10 hours on the smartphone every... more »

    A ‘Hope Place’ for Penan Children

    MORE than 60 children, five teachers and two ‘capable managers’ are setting up a ‘Hope Place’ in Miri under the care of a small non-governmental organisation called Ten Ringgit Club (TRC). Known as the Noah’s Ark Kindergarten, the place nestles... more »

    A dream trip to Bario

    THE many exciting stories about Bario have piqued my interest in visiting the famous Highlands of Sarawak, and on April 3, my dream of journeying to the exotic Kelabit heartland came true. Assigned to cover a working visit to the... more »

    Community-based assault on urban poverty

    TACKLING the problem of urban poverty is a complex challenge. There are many factors which contribute towards it — amongst them, lack of education and job opportunities, poor health and disabilities, loss of a family breadwinner, all of which limit... more »

    Zhengjiang and the Old Ferries

    ZHENGJIANG on the Yangtze is, perhaps, not known to many who are not Chinese-educated. Some westerners may know it via Marco Polo’s records. Indeed, it has been noted he actually stepped on the stone-steps of the Xijindu ferry. PS Buck... more »
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