Scouts get a taste of seafaring life

FOR more than 30 young scouts from various local secondary schools, a close-up look at what the Marine Department is doing along the coast of Sarawak was an eye-opening experience. The department recently invited 120 scout leaders and 31 scouts... more »

The new soft silver

THE rugged, peninsular county of Cornwall, UK, where I was born at its most southwestern extremity, abounded in the 18th and 19th centuries with tin and copper mines on an industrial scale. The last tin mine at South Crofty shut... more »

An alliance to ensure no one is left behind

SARAWAK aspires to form an alliance of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to complement Malaysia’s efforts to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations. The SDGs, themed ‘Leaving No One Behind’, covers 169 targets and 230... more »

The creative noodle seller of Miri

AT a corner single-storey shop in Morsjaya, Miri, Ko sells speciality noodles handmade with pumpkin, sweet potato, and cangkuk manis. A top seller is her seaweed kway teow soup, which she cooks one bowl at a time. Her stall is... more »

The crowning glory of a coiffured career

PEOPLE are born with different looks and characters but that’s also true of their talents or inclinations. For example, not all students would be good in studies although that doesn’t mean they are dull. It’s simply because they aren’t academically... more »

Bandar Kuching MP’s oily profits

NOWADAYS, it has become increasingly difficult to have faith or belief in what politicians, especially the PH Sarawak variety, say or promise. They amaze me with their total lack of conviction in what they say or perhaps they think that... more »

Have we forgotten acid rain?

IN the late 1960s at a nautical college, the cadet officers’ knowledge needed broadening beyond their chosen subjects. One of my remits was to develop a course which I entitled EEC. Most cadets thought I would be talking about the... more »
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