Bhutan’s opposition party scores upset win

THIMPHU, Bhutan: Bhutan’s opposition People’s Democratic Party stormed to an upset victory Saturday, a local news website reported, as voters gave their verdict on five years of democracy. The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) had won 32 seats in the vote... more »

China naval fleet seen off northern Japan

TOKYO, Tokyo province: A Chinese naval fleet was yesterday spotted sailing for the first time through an international strait between northern Japan and Russia’s far east, the Japanese defence ministry said. The two missile destroyers, two frigates and a supply... more »

Philippines, rebels reach wealth-sharing deal

MANILA: The Philippines said yesterday it has clinched a key ‘wealth-sharing’ deal with Muslim rebels, bringing it closer to ending a decades-old rebellion that has claimed tens of thousands of lives. Chief peace negotiator Miriam Coronel-Ferrer said the government was... more »
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