Benedict now a ‘simple pilgrim’

VATICAN CITY: Benedict XVI has become the first pope to resign in over 700 years, telling a tearful crowd of faithful that he will now be ‘a simple pilgrim’ as cardinals yesterday begin preparing for a conclave in the Sistine... more »

Hong Kong cracks down on baby formula trade

HONG KONG: A Hong Kong regulation came into force Friday barring people from crossing into mainland China with large quantities of baby formula following chronic shortages which have fuelled anti-Beijing sentiment. Formula is popular with mainland Chinese because of concerns... more »

Eight-year-old filmed driving 100km per hour

SAINT-PETERSBURG: Police in Russia’s northwestern city of Saint Petersburg have launched a probe after a video of an eight-year-old girl driving 100 kilometres per hour (60mph) through snowy scenery went viral on the Internet. The clip of Karina Mikulchik driving... more »
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