Friday, April 26

Facts on SAS will shock BN leaders: Yong


KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) president Datuk Yong Teck Lee said the Barisan Nasional (BN) government should conduct a full probe into the Saham Amanah Sabah (SAS) activities from its launching on June 23, 1994 to the present day.

“The full facts must be made known to the public. Do not hide the facts. Facts do not change, opinions do. The full facts will probably shock Johnny Mositun, Yee Moh Chai and Chin Tek Ming,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Yong, who is a former chief minister, was responding to the statement by PBS information chief Datuk Johnny Mositun on the SAS issue on Sunday.

He added: “By mentioning only my name out of the blue, and unprovoked, in his original statement Jan 1, Johnny Mositun was mischievously casting aspersions on my reputation and character.

“His mentioning of my name was neither neutral nor positive. He did not mention any other chief ministers as though no SAS shares were bought during the time of any other chief ministers. Therefore, he cannot feign ignorance.

“Yee used to be very keen on SAS matters. He had thought that I was involved in the so-called ‘SAS fiasco’. He condemned the BN government in the elections of 1999 over SAS, phantom voters, SESB and other issues.

“My police report of June 26, 2007 says that he is in possession of malpractices involving SAS. Suddenly, he has lost his urge to speak out for the people, particularly the investors of SAS. I wonder why.

“If I have been involved or have done anything wrong, then this BN government has a duty to expose me so that the people will know what a bad chief minister I have been from May 1996 to May 1998.

“Do it now so that there is time for the people to know the whole truth and make a fair judgment. If I have done anything wrong, then take action against me. Do not wait until the next general elections are near.”

Mositun said on Sunday that he was unperturbed by a police report against him lodged last Saturday by SAPP Youth chief Edward Dagul over a press statement that he (Mositun) had made recently in connection with the SAS.

In his police report, Edward asked the police to investigate Mositun for concealing alleged ‘committed crimes’ involving SAS based on the latter’s claim the SAS investors had bought the shares when Yong was the chief minister.

He claimed that Edward’s statement in a local English language daily dated Sunday, third of January 2010, was a distortion of facts and designed to discredit the BN administration of which PBS is a member.

Mositun said he stood by his statement that investors bought the shares when Yong was the chief minister.