Friday, July 19

Fewer crime cases in Labuan last year


LABUAN: Labuan’s crime rate dropped by 5.92 per cent last year with 302 cases compared with 321 in 2008.

Theft still topped the list with 120 cases compared with 118 in 2008.

Labuan police chief Supt Saiman Kasran told Bernama yesterday that gang robbery cases dropped significantly from 19 to seven, and violent crimes such as murder, rape, molestation and extortion from 92 cases to 83.

“Labuan police are targeting zero crime this year as Labuan is considered a non-problematic island with a very small number of illegal immigrants.

“We will focus on tackling house break-ins by increasing patrols in identified areas,” he said.

Motorcycle theft cases also dropped from 20 in 2008 to 17 last year.

“Car theft is not a problem here as Labuan is an island, hence the only way to get in and out of the island is by ferry service. But unfortunately, we had one case of car theft last year and this must be stemmed,” said Saiman.

“It is important for the island to be crime-free as it is an international financial offshore centre as well as an oil and gas hub with increasing number of expatriates,” he added. — Bernama