Tuesday, August 9

Mischievous thief leaves footprints at house


SIBU: A mischievous thief spread powder on the floor and had his foot imprinted on it in a house at Jalan Punai at dawn yesterday.
The incident occurred when the owner was sound asleep in his bed room.

It was raining heavily.

The thief entered through a back door before he went upstairs to where the owner was sleeping.

The thief stole his hand phone there and went downstairs to look for more valuables.

For reasons unclear, he poured powder on the floor for the foot work.

A neighbour heard sounds in the house and called in Rela members, but, when the latter came, the thief had already left.

The sleepy owner, who was the last one to wake up, found his handphone stolen.

In another attempted theft, an alarm system in a kindergarten had helped to ward off thieves twice.

Whenever thieves wanted to steal, the alarm went off, and the thieves had to leave empty-handed.

In the second incident on Monday night, thieves had intended to cart off a computer, a television set and a DVD set. The alarm went off in time again.