Education unlimited: New Inti offers endless possibilities


KUCHING: When the ‘red star’ first emerged a little over a year ago, there were many raised eyebrows.

WIDE RANGE OF COURSES: The New Inti is committed to providing educational opportunities to a wide range of students.

WIDE RANGE OF COURSES: The New Inti is committed to providing educational opportunities to a wide range of students.

For this was a seemingly conservative education group with a 20-year history making forays into a territory more commonly linked with telcos and sports-apparel companies.

The ‘red star’ soon took on a life of its own; signalling the start of a brand new era for the Inti Education Group under the Laureate International Universities network.

Inti today stands tall among a prestigious roll-call which includes Les Roches and Glion — leading hospitality schools in the world — as well as Walden University, a renowned name in online education; BiTS, Business and Information Technology School, Germany; École Centrale D’Electronique (ECE), France and many more.

And the New Inti as it is dubbed post Laureate, is steadfast in its commitment to provide educational opportunities to a wide range of students in an effort to empower and create a new generation of leaders.

At the heart of Inti’s offerings are the three pillars of career-focused programmes, internationalism and 21st century quality.

Among the group’s secret weapons include global best practices, articulation programmes and student mobility.

Student mobility is of particular interest to scores of students, as under the Semester Abroad Programme (SAP), Inti students are able to spend a full semester at any Laureate Institution paying local Inti fees.

One should also add that Laureate International Universities is the world’s largest private education network, and currently has 43 accredited universities and 130 campuses in 20 countries.

Inti consistently sets new benchmarks in developing career-focused programmes to meet both students’ and employers’ needs.

Today, Inti works closely with its industry partners under its Enrolment to Employment (E2E) initiative, including multinational companies such as IBM, Citibank, Ricoh, AIA, TNT and many others, to develop courses and programmes that will expose students to best practices, corporate governance and relevant industry specific information and updates.

E2E also benefits Inti students through round-table dialogues, career fairs across Inti campuses, educational trips and internships.

Job and career fairs are organised frequently to bring career opportunities and insight into the employment market to graduates and soon-to-be graduates of Inti.

Investments in technology, such as enhanced bandwidth to provide students and lecturers with Wi-Fi access at any point in any of the Inti campuses, are one of the many initiatives stemming from the synergy with Laureate.

Other initiatives include new courses and programmes offered, visiting lecturers from the Laureate network and a Global Career Centre.

The latter is a dynamic global tool to facilitate job search for graduates of every Laureate institution globally, and as Inti is now part of the Laureate network, all its students will automatically be able to tap on this.

Inti also emphasises 21st century quality, which means that every course is adapted in tandem with the evolving global marketplace. It recently introduced a degree course in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which includes both Eastern and Western curriculum.

It has also launched the Masters in Business Information Technology (MBT) course which teaches the skills necessary to drive business objectives through information management.

The course is helmed by Dr Terry Halpin — the author of textbooks used in classrooms around the world.

Having a world-renowned name leading its faculty is one of the many changes taking place within Inti that continues to shape the landscape of the education sector in Malaysia.

Inti offers a wide range of academic and professional courses from Diploma to Bachelor and Master’s levels.

In Malaysia, apart from Inti University College — its flagship campus in Negeri Sembilan — Inti has campuses in Selangor, Pahang, Penang, Sabah, Sarawak and Kuala Lumpur, offering more than 100 course options.

For more information on studying at Inti, members of the public can visit

Inti Education Group can also be reached at No. 3, Jalan SS15/8, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia or at 603-56232800 or 603-56216942 (fax).