No hike in price of drinks


BINTULU: The Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism (MDTCC) Bintulu branch assured that the recent 20 sen hike in sugar price will not cause an abnormal rise in price of drinks in this division.MDTCC acting enforcement chief Muhammad Daud Ali said the public should not worry as the situation is still under control.

“We have not received any complaint from members of the public regarding irresponsible traders taking advantage of the recent sugar price hike.

“The ministry will keep on monitoring the situation to ensure the stock of sugar in this division is sufficient for domestic and industrial consumption,” Muhammad told The Borneo Post in a telephone interview yesterday.

He said they will call for a dialogue with Bintulu Coffee Shops and Restaurants Owners Association to discuss the matter, and the possibility of increasing the price of drinks in the future.

It seemed local traders abide by the rule and regulations set by the government and have not taken advantage of the situation.

Complaints have not been received from consumers, he said, though their officers would continue with monitoring and inspection.

According to him, wholesalers are facing a slight problem in getting enough stock of sugar from the factory due to the late delivery of shipment.

Thus the ministry urged factories not to stop the delivery or stock up sugar meant for distribution to wholesalers.

“Traders, supermarkets or those involved in business which require large amounts of sugar should contact our officers here, and we will help find wholesalers with sufficient stock for distribution,” Muhammad said.

He said small business operators, especially those selling ‘kuih-muih’, complain of having to reduce their daily production due to shortage of capital and the hike in price of sugar.

“They said before the price hike, they produced about 50 pieces of kuih but have reduced this to 20 and 30 pieces.

“Actually it is not only because of sugar but other external factors like the new schooling session with more expenses needed for children and so on,” Muhammad said.

Even with the minor reduction in production, prices will be maintained with no price hike, he assured.

He advised traders not to take advantage of the sugar price hike to raise the prices of goods, and consumers to reduce their daily intake of sugar for health reasons.

For enquiries or complaints, the public can call its office at 086-332176.