Burglars target cigarettes in sundry shop


MUKAH: The owner of the sole Bumiputera sundry shop in Mukah town thinks the recent hike in price of cigarettes could have triggered off the burglary in his shop on Thursday night.He found his cigarettes kept inside the display cabinet gone on entering his sundry shop at Mukah old township the following morning.

The businessman, who has been operating the sundry shop for three years, told The Borneo Post: “I was shocked to find the steel door of my sundry shop open and the latch broken, apparently cut by the burglars. When I entered the shop, I noticed that my cigarette display cabinet was empty, despite having been replenished a day earlier.”

He refused to reveal how much he lost.

The businessman thought the burglary may have been committed by a group of burglars probably linked to a burglary of another sundry shop on the same row as his shop a few months back where the burglars also carted away all the cigarettes along with other goods.

As such, he called on the police to organise more patrols around Mukah old township, especially at night, to prevent more burglary and break-ins from happening in the future.

The sundry shop owner lodged a police report at Mukah police station upon discovering the burglary yesterday, and police are still investigating.