Sunday, December 4

Welcoming 2010 at Hilton


CROWDS of people flocked to Hilton Kuching, filling its restaurants to the brim — from the Waterfront Café to Steak House — for the year-end celebration.

GOODBYE 2009, HELLO 2010: A huge 2010 splashed across the windows  of Waterfront Cafe.

GOODBYE 2009, HELLO 2010: A huge 2010 splashed across the windows of Waterfront Cafe.

The hotel was brightly decorated while party revelers and diners mingled in the foyer.

Every table in the restaurants had a yuletide centerpiece and its own “Welcome the New Year” decors. To add to the air     of festivity, each restaurant had musicians to serenade the diners.

The “Old School” strolling band entertained guests at the Waterfront Café that served an   elaborate buffet spread  while at Toh Yuen which offered a scrumptious Chinese set dinner, a full Chinese orchestra    provided light musical entertainment.

With a theme of ‘Dolce Latino, the Steak House came up with the finest western set dinner complemented with equally well-selected wine and latina music from The Impressions.

But the heart of the festivity was in Senso,        the hotel’s music lounge    and bar. There, the four-piece band, Faces from      the Philippines, played      the latest hits while DJs Felix and William       manned the turntable, spinning chart-topping   hits.

Hours before midnight, guests donned their party hats and tried out the party poppers to heighten the sense of anticipation. Guests took to the floor and also shared the stage with the band.

As midnight approached, the popping sounds of champagne increased as     the crowd joined the band    in the countdown. At the stroke of midnight,       cheers and shouts of jubilation reverberated across the bar.

Strangers, friends and acquaintances hugged to wish each other Happy New Year. If there was a time when everyone was a friend, it would be at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Day!

The party continued till the wee hours, spilling     over to Caffecino and the lobby. Many left with stardust in their eyes and hopes for a better year ahead.