Friday, April 19

AMC Group opens first Asian regional office in Kuching


KUCHING: AMC Group, a world leader providing innovative cookware, has opened its first regional office in Asia region at Jalan Tun Jugah here to promote quality and healthy lifestyle.

Known as AMC Allied Metalcraft Corporation Sdn Bhd for East Malaysia, the regional office here marks another milestone for AMC Malaysia and it represents continued growth of AMC, with its mission ‘Eat better, live better’.

Opening the regional office yesterday, Kuching City South Mayor James Chan said he supported the expansion of AMC, which focused on good health by offering cost-saving and environment-friendly products.

“I support good quality products and with a new regional office of AMC in Kuching, our people do not need to go all the way to Germany or Singapore to buy the products,” he said.

AMC was founded in Germany in 1963.

Its sales companies have been set up in more than 40 countries across the globe.

In 1980, AMC spread its wings to Malaysia.

AMC Asia Pacific managing director Zafer Evren said the corporation had been in business for nearly half a century with some 10 million customers all over the world.

“We have 18,000 committed part-time and full-time sales partners all around the world.

“We have already 30 years in Malaysia and AMC is even more committed to growing in Malaysia,” he said.

Evren said AMC chose Kuching as its regional office in the Asian region because of its popularity as a clean, organised and beautiful city.

“We believe that our products can offer better quality of life for all,” he added.

AMC East Malaysia sales development manager Alison Si said AMC cookware had proven as the best and most appropriate essential item for every household.

“As we are all busy individuals, each having different lifestyles, living in a more competitive edge and getting to be more health conscious from day to day, AMC cookware can help us attain a healthier lifestyle.

“This regional office will bring us closer to our valued customers besides providing efficient and quality service support,” she said.

Si believed that with the expansion plan, more opportunities were offered for individuals to improve their financial standing as well as personal development.

AMC provided systematic training programme and coaching to produce more successful sales partners, she said, adding: “AMC has proven track record of sales partners in the business for more than 15 years.”

The AMC multi-cooking system allows every household to implement the AMC philosophy ‘Eat better, live better’.

Its stainless steel cook and serveware is the only system in the world, which one can cook, fry, roast and bake without additional water or fat.

Among those present were MBKS acting city secretary John Lee and Chan’s wife Catherine Sng.