Thursday, September 24

Abner takes home Nikon D90 in Celcome Xpax Count the ‘X’ contest


KUCHING: Abner Vincent walked away the big winner in the ‘Count the “X” Contest’, a contest organised by Celcom Xpax in conjunction with Christmas last month.

TOP WINNER: Ting (second left) presents the Nikon D90 to Abner witnessed by Teo (left) and Sia.

TOP WINNER: Ting (second left) presents the Nikon D90 to Abner witnessed by Teo (left) and Sia.

Abner took home a Nikon D90 camera, the only prize for the  contest.

The contest involved counting the number of X’s on the Xpax Giant Xmas Tree, set up outside Taman Kereta for Christmas.

This contest was a colla-boration between Celcom, The Borneo Post, See Hua Daily and Eastern Alliance.

The counting and announcement of the results were done on Jan 13, witnessed by representatives from The Borneo Post, Eastern Alliance and Celcom.

Abner correctly guessed the total of X’s on the tree as 451.

The Xpax Got X Got X’mas Lucky Draw saw more happy winners.

Ann Caroline Poreng from Bau went home with the first prize of a Toshiba Netbook (NB305), USB Modem, Free upfront data plan payment and two months’ free commitment time.

Second prize of a Blackberry Curve 8520, X-pax pack and RM200 airtime went to Teo Soh Pheng of Kuching.

Third prize was won by Nancy Jain from Serian. She picks up a Blackberry Curve 8520, X-pax pack and RM150 airtime.

Fourth prize went to Ali Ajon from Berkenu.

He gets a Blackberry Curve 8520,  X-pax pack and RM100 airtime.

The fifth prize of a Blackberry Curve 8520, X-pax pack and RM50 airtime went to Catherine Andrew of Kuching.

The 25 consolation prizes of airtime worth RM100 each went to Martine Nuang, Rante Selong, Ling Meng Chiong, Sidek Mat, Sangi Joni, Priska Lemin, Bian Kenawang, Ginersun Gibuh But, William Jahie, Adam Abu, Beatrice Lungun, Jido Gihep, Norliza Mahat, Enteri Bain, Lily Sepawi, Ramali Karya, Sherifah Amy Anishah, Huan See Lan, Aziz Safar, Deri Kubono, Lydia Edora Nelson Nana, Faejah Othman, Norzaidi Saari and Seliuh Junit.

Also present at the prize giving ceremony were Sara Urusharta general manager Alan Poh, Sara Urusharta human resource and administration manager Arthur George Clancy, Celcom Sarawak general manager Doris Ting, Celcom Sarawak executive Sophia Ngo, Eastern Alliance Trading marketing executive Malcolm Teo Cho Heng, and See Hua Marketing public relations executive Kathy Sia.