Water element missing this year


KOTA KINABALU: According to feng shui, water is an element that can create wealth luck but this coming year of the Golden Tiger, (Feb 14, 2010 to Feb 14, 2011), this element is missing.

It is therefore imperative to create a powerful water feature in the home or work place to make up for the missing water feature in this year of the ferocious tiger.

The water feature will remedy the absence of the element in the Golden Tiger year and it is advisable to start the year by being defensive and placing cures in all afflicted sectors of the home and office, disclosed feng shui consultant Jeanette See.

Jeanette who operates the World of Feng Shui franchise at Wisma Merdeka in Kota Kinabalu advised those who want to ensure that they have continued financial luck to place auspicious water features in their homes.

“They must place at least two to three water features in the homes and if they live in an apartment, then at least one,” she said.

She however warned that it must have proper feng shui water feature and stressed: “You see water is the thing that you cannot simply play with. Please seek professional advice.

“If not put in the right place, it can bring about consequences, like outflow of finances or the presence of a third party into a relationship,” she said.

Water put in the wrong place can turn disastrous, Jeanette said adding that she had seen some of these features placed in such a way that instead of bringing money luck, promotes outflow of finances.

Jeanette also disclosed that the most afflicted animal sign in the Year of the Tiger is the Monkey because both animals are zodiac enemies and other than being directly opposite the tiger which has its mouth open this year, the monkey is also affected by the ‘five yellow’ and ‘Tai sui’, the God of the Year.

As a remedy to ward off the bad luck, those born in the monkey year are advised to carry either a ‘five element pagoda’, a ‘pi yao’ or the ‘Tai sui amulet’.

Another zodiac animal that will be affected in the Year of the Golden Tiger is the Rat and those born in this year need to place the ‘three divine guardians sitting on a tiger’ in their home or office.

“It is also a must for everyone to have a dragon in the house because it is the animal that can overcome the tiger,” she said.

Jeanette urged those who are interested to learn more about their afflictions for the coming year of the Tiger and how to remedy them to attend a two-day feng shui workshop by world renown Feng Shui master Lillian Too at the end of this month.

“Despite her busy schedule, Lillian Too has again included Sabah in her itinerary for her extravaganza which carries the theme ‘Riding the Golden Tiger’ this year, so that she can enlighten those interested in feng shui on how to overcome obstacles in the year of the Tiger,” she said.

Too’s workshop on Inner Feng Shui will be held on January 30 and her popular ‘Feng Shui Updates for Year 2010’ workshop on January 31, at the1Borneo ballroom, Jeanette said adding that by attending the two workshops, participants would be able to find out what their afflictions were and how to remedy them so that they would have a good year ahead.

At the workshop on Inner Feng Shui on January 30, participants will be able to learn how to strengthen and empower their mind to release the vast potential which lies within them so that they can change the way they live and work and Too is also expected to share powerful meditative techniques and visualisations that will enable the participants to access the potential that lies deep within them.

During her ‘Feng Shui Updates for Year 2010’, Too will be talking about how to face the challenging time that the Tiger Year is expected to bring and she will also talk about how participants can create their own Spring to make up for the lack of Water in the year of the Tiger, adorn themselves with Water energy in the clothes they wear, the jewels they pick and the colour schemes they choose.

“Tickets to the two day events are still available and those interested to purchase tickets for Too’s extravaganza can do so at the World of Feng Shui franchise outlet at Lot B205, 2nd Floor, Phase II, in Wisma Merdeka here or call the outlet at 088-248798,” Jeanette said.