Make-up artist threatened for exposing ex-boss’ ploy


KUALA LUMPUR: A make-up artist was said to have been threatened after he found out that his ex-boss had been exploiting girls, who aspire to become international models, by making them pose semi-nude.MCA Public Complaint Bureau chairman Datuk Michael Chong said after working with the agency for two weeks, the make-up artist discovered that semi-nude pictures and particulars of the girls were posted on a website to solicit clients.

The make-up artist, who was introduced as Miss Soo, warned other girls about the

ploy before leaving the company, Chong told reporters here yesterday.

He said however, on Aug 21 last year, Miss Soo’s ex-boss lodged a police report against her for defaming his company.

Chong said the ex-boss also demanded Miss Soo and her parents to pay him RM30,000 for tarnishing the image of the company and posted doctored pictures of her (Miss Soo) in semi-nude on the company’s website.

Miss Soo also lodged a police report against her ex-boss, said Chong, adding that he received 14 similar complaints. — Bernama