Sunday, September 20

Thieves cart away RM30,000 worth of metal


KUCHING: Shop and factory owners at Muara Tabuan Light Industrial Park are fuming that rampant thefts of metal have caused them a loss of up to RM30,000.In an interview with one of the business proprietors, Muhammad Naroden who operates a workshop there revealed that his garage was broken into in December last year, resulting in the loss of  various metal and machine parts.

“The thieves broke in from the back by cutting the metal fence and I only realised the incident after being informed by my workers,” said Muhammad who reported the incident to police.

The thieves also cut the fence in front of his shop to make their getaway.

“The shop lot beside my garage had its roller shutter pillars stolen last month – the thieves seem interested in metals,” he said, adding that he had rented the lot for more than two years.

He called on  the police to do frequent patrols of the area which is rather quiet and therefore crime-prone.

“I had invested a lot to set up this business, and such rampant thefts in the area  of my shop give me many sleepless nights,” he said.