RM50,000 yearly to clear illegal dumping sites


KOTA SAMARAHAN: The Samarahan District Council (SDC) spends about RM50,000 annually to clear illegal rubbish dump sites.An SDC spokesperson told reporters that the council is forced to incur the extra cost because of rampant illegal dumping.

“Every year, the council has to put up with an extra RM50,000 to clear up the illegal dump sites. It has been going on rampantly recently because of new areas and roads being opened up, which are hidden from the public eye.

“Because of this, these illegal dumpers find the place suitable to discreetly dump their rubbish,” he said after Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Rural District Council) John Sikie Tayai launched the Samarahan Division World Health Day 2010 yesterday.

The spokesperson revealed among the popular illegal dump sites were the racecourse at Mile 8 and a dead end road near the roundabout at the Samarahan Industrial Training Centre.

He added that according to sources, the illegal dumpers would haul their rubbish in lorries to dump their trash in bulk.

“We (council) cannot point fingers at the moment as we are still investigating. Enforcement and investigation are going on as we speak.

“Once we can confirm who is behind this, immediate and stern legal action will be taken,” he said while urging locals to help by being the ‘eyes and ears’ of the council.

Meanwhile, in his opening remarks, Sikie said prevention is better than cure when it comes to public health issues.

“Nowadays as you see in the media, there are many diseases which are threatening the lives of many, like the A (H1N1) influenza and dengue fever.

“Hygiene and cleanliness are very important in prevention efforts. Therefore I urge everyone to play their part, not for the sake of the council but for the sake of public health to help prevent the spread of these dangerous outbreaks by keeping the environment clean,” he said.

Sikie later presented new rubbish bins to representatives of nine housing areas and also officially opened a new public toilet at Samarahan Park.

Among those present during the function were Samarahan Resident Rodziah Morshidi, Samarahan District Council secretary Simon Wong, Samarahan District police chief ASP Abdul Rahman Ahmad and Samarahan District Officer Mohd Ainnie Wahab.