Thursday, June 27

Parties in Syed Kechik case to meet May 7


KUALA LUMPUR: The parties involved in a legal battle over the late Tan Sri Syed Kechik Syed Mohamed Al-Bukhary’s estate will meet on May 7 to inform the High Court on the development of the case.High Court Judicial Commissioner Anantham Kasinather set the date in chambers upon meeting counsel Datuk N Vijay Kumar, for the plaintiffs Puan Seri Sharifah Zarah and Sharifah Munira, and counsel Atan Mustaffa Yussof, for the defendant, Syed Gamal.

Sharifah Zarah and Sharifah Munira are Syed Kechik’s daughters with his new wife, Puan Seri Sofiah Moo Abdullah, while Syed Gamal is his only son from his first wife, Zainab @ Eshah Abdullah.

The family saga started after Syed Kechik’s death in April last year, aged 81.

Syed Kechik was the father-in-law of Al-Bukhary Foundation chairman Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, the richest Malay tycoon and a billionaire, and listed as the eighth richest person in the country.

On Nov 9, 2009, Syed Kechik Holdings Sdn Bhd, Sharifah Zarah and Sharifah Munira filed the originating summons for a declaration Syed Gamal, as a benificiary of Syed Kechik’s estate, had no rights or interests in the company’s assets until the completion of the administration and distribution of the estate.

Atan Mustaffa, when asked about the case, said contentious issues had arisen in yesterday’s application and both parties would consider whether to convert the originating summons to writ of action.

He said the court set May 7 for the parties to decide whether to continue the case by way of originating summons or a writ of action, which would necessitate a trial.

Yesterday the court was scheduled to hear Syed Gamal’s application to strike out the summons.

In the summons, Sharifah Zarah and Sharifah Munira are seeking an order that their eldest brother, Syed Gamal, his servants, agents and representative or anyone acting on his behalf, be prevented from accessing and interfering with the assets, records, accounts and affairs of the company.

They also want an order against Syed Gamal preventing him, his servants, agents or anyone acting on behalf him, from interfering in the execution of the duties and powers of Sharifah Zarah and Sharifah Munira as the directors of the company and all other corporate matters including transfer and disposal of the company’s shares.

On Jan 15, Sharifah Zarah and Sharifah Munira, obtained an interim injunction to prevent Syed Gamal from interfering in the company’s affairs pending the disposal of the originating summons at the Civil High Court.

Judicial Commissioner Anantham, who granted their application for an injunction, ruled that the Syariah Court could not decide on the injunction application which involving the company law.

Syed Gamal obtained an ex-parte injunction at the Syariah Court on Sept 14, 2009, to stop his 44 per cent stake in the company from being sold or liquidated.

On Nov 11, 2009, the Syariah Appeal Court affirmed the decision after dismissing Sharifah Zarah and Sharifah Munira’s appeal.

His sisters then brought the case to the Civil High Court by way of originating summons. — Bernama