Monday, August 26

Body of boy who fell from longboat found


KAPIT: The body of four-year-old Dicter Kelvin, who went missing after falling from a longboat on Wednesday, has been found four days later near Kapit Water Treatment Plant.This was confirmed by OCPD Kapit DSP Entusa Imam.

It appeared that the body had been carried from Baleh River to Rajang River. A passerby in a longboat found the body on Saturday afternoon and informed the police. It was sent to Kapit Hospital mortuary.

Police received a missing person’s report at 9.40 am Thursday from folks of longhouse Rumah Sumbang in Nanga Serian, Baleh – about three hours boat ride from Kapit town.

They were told that the boy was playing on a longboat berthed at the landing of the longhouse by the bank of the Baleh River at 11am on April 28 when he fell and was swept away by strong currents.

A report was made and a team of four Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) officers, led by Senior Fire and Rescue Officer Sengiang Usat, together with a police team rushed to the scene. They conducted a search-and-rescue mission at 2.30pm to help longhouse folks locate the missing boy.