Wednesday, April 24

Lion dance contest raises funds for charity


KUCHING: A total of 13 lion dance teams took part in a lion dance competition to raise funds for the needy including children and old folks.The event held at Kenyalang Hall on Friday and May 1 was organised by Elite Wushu Martial Art Association Kuching (EWMAAK) and The Green Ribbon Association Kuching (TGRAK) Held.

Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department, Tan Joo Phoi, who officiated at the event, said he encouraged more lion dance competitions to promote this Chinese tradition.

Tan, who is also Batu Kawah assemblyman, said the lion dance is synonymous with Chinese throughout the world.

“Teams from Malaysia often win international lion dance competitions. Because of this, I encourage and support the promotion of the lion dance not only for Chinese cultural identity, but also to maintain Malaysia’s top standing in the lion dance arena,” he said.

He complimented EWMAAK and TGRAK for making the effort to hold the competition while raising funds for charity.