Friday, April 26

Powering up Kapit using micro hydroelectric dams


KAPIT: Leaders of Village Security and Development Committee (JKKK) in Kapit have been advised to conduct a survey in their respective areas to see whether there are waterfalls big enough for the construction of micro hydroelectric dams.In making the call, Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Economic Planning) Larry Sng explained that micro hydro electricity could be more economical than using generators as the fuel was relatively very expensive.

He said it was primarily for this reason that he brought a team of experts from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) up the Menuan River recently to access the viability of implementing a micro hydro power project for the benefit of several longhouses there.

“After conducting your survey, please report to the Kapit District Office so that the relevant agencies, including the Public Works Department, could arrange for a field trip to study its viability,” he said.

Sng said this at the presentation of Minor Rural Project (MRP) funds to representatives from several JKKK along Sungai Menuan yesterday. The handing-over ceremony was held at Rumah Manggang, Sungai Menuan.

On the proposed Kanowit-Kapit road, Sng said once the road was built, it would benefit the people greatly. This was because the people, including the farmers, would be able to move around more conveniently, quickly and cheaply.

Touching on the MRP, Sng advised heads of JKKK to spend the funds wisely and to make sure that projects implemented would benefit their community.

“Do hold discussions with your people and please spend the money wisely. This government fund is for the implementation of projects to benefit the people. All JKKK must also keep a proper record of how the money was spent for reference”, he said.

At the function, Sng also announced a RM5,000 MRP fund for SK Ulu Menuan.

Among those present were Deputy Kapit Resident (social development) Mohd Ikhmal Abdullah, ASP Ritchie Jarit from the Special Branch, administrative officer from the Kapit District Office Mohd Sufian Zakaria, Kemas officer Patrick Gong, Penghulu Bujang Serang, Penghulu Enggin Nyipa and headmaster of SK Ulu Menuan Mohd Saiful.