Treating aches and pains


Electro-Qigong therapy is a kind of medical treatment that passes electricity through the body to bring relief to discomforts and pains caused by a wide range of ailments.

HOW IT WORKS: Chang explaining the function of the Electro-Qigong apparatus.

QIGONG is an ancient Chinese healthcare practice that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and mental focus.

It cultivates vital energy known as qi that flows through everything in the universe. Depending on the styles, Qigong increases the qi within a person’s body either to cleanse and heal personal ailments or to produce qi that can heal others.

At the home-based Yuan Khang Qigong and Electrical Health Treatment Centre, Qigong practitioner and therapist Chang Joon Sen has been improvising on this age-old practice through experience and research.

Taking out a nondescript black briefcase, the elderly Chang told thesundaypost that before setting up the business, he had already been practising Qigong for 10 years.

“It’s now more than 20 years. Before that, I had many health problems, especially stomach ailments, sinus and poor eyesight. The initial three years of Qigong practice had no effect but after that, I could feel my health improving,” he said.

Chang proceeded to open the briefcase, revealing a curious setup of meters, switches and wires that form what is known as the electro-Qigong health apparatus.

This is what Yuan Khang specialises in, and Chang together with his wife, Chai Kui Fah, are the main therapists.

“Electro-Qigong therapy is a kind of medical treatment that passes electricity through the patient’s body. It is a product of modern science and traditional therapy.

“During treatment, as the therapist, I will hold one end of the apparatus connected to a silver-plated conductor while the other end, a copper plate, is placed at the patient’s feet,” explained Chang who had learnt of this therapy back in the early 1990s from a Qigong master in Singapore.

In a way, the hand of the therapist acts as the ‘Fire’ element passing electric current to the patient’s feet which act as the ‘Earth’ element.

“Under normal circumstances, the human body can sustain a current of uA200 and 160 volts. 0.2 ampere will not electrocute and, therefore, is not harmful. An experienced therapist will be able to control the amount of current flowing through to the patient’s body,” he said.

According to Chang, the therapy actually works alongside the principles of reflexology and blood circulation where the therapist will slowly search and find the reflex points in the body — from the fingertips right down to the feet.

In this improvised version of Qigong, he uses his own inner energy or qi and combines it with the electric current to produce a more effective and consistent flow of power and energy.

“I liken the idea as to how an engine works. Obviously, if it’s manual, it will not work as fast and as well as a motorised engine,” he said wryly.

A typical day for Chang includes an hour of lone Qigong practice in the night to get rid of the toxins absorbed from his patients during the day.

“If I don’t do Qigong exercise for a consecutive three days, I will begin to feel my body aching and might even fall sick,” he revealed.

After 20 years in clinical trials, electro-Qigong  proves to provide significant benefits such as encouraging the rapid recovery of minor nerves, joints and muscle problems, and aiding blood circulation in the whole body.

“The electric current will penetrate deep into affected nerves, joints and tissues for quicker relief. It stimulates reflex points to expel blockage and toxins,” Chang said as he demonstrated on a patient.

He recommends electro-Qigong therapy for the relief of discomforts and pains, caused by common ailments such as muscle cramps, old injury, gout, menstrual cramps, constipation, sprain, migraine and numbness, among others.

“The duration of the treatment really depends on the severity of the problem. One session is about 30 minutes and most times, patients need to come back at least three times to feel the positive effects.

“I even have stroke patients coming for this therapy. Naturally, it would take them longer to recover and requires continuous treatment — at least for a year or so,” Chang  observed.

Yuan Khang, a licensed business registered as a Qigong treatment centre, has a clientele that not only include locals but also foreigners from Japan, the US and United Kingdom who came to Chang by  word of mouth from their local friends or family members.

“Because this form of treatment is harmless       with very low voltage, we had a few cases of young children coming to us, including our youngest patient to date, a 40-day old baby who suffered some joint problems due to a crooked spine caused by improper delivery. Children tend to heal faster too,” he said.

Chang prefers relying on word of mouth and recommendations by his past patients because he believes there are people who are skeptical and have misguided notion that this form of therapy involves radiation.

“People will find out themselves. Of course, this is not a heal-all therapy but it does lessen the aches and pains caused by the afore-mentioned ailments.”

Yuan Khang’s electro-Qigong therapy sessions    (on a daily basis) start       from 8am to 6pm. Even during his rest days              on Mondays, Chang still attends to people who drop in.

“It’s pretty much a      fixed lifestyle for me. Patients in the day, Qigong students in the evening       and time for myself at night until when I go to bed,” he said

Chang believes that to maintain general good health, it is best to practise Qigong regularly.

“In addition, consume nutritional supplements and have a balanced diet.”

Yuan Khang Qigong and Electrical Health Treatment Centre is located at No. 50, Jalan Tengah off Green Road.