Tuesday, July 23

SCA disappointed with ministry’s land rejection


KUCHING: The Sarawak Cricket Association (SCA) yesterday expressed disappointment over the Social Development and Urbanisation Ministry’s decision to ditch their proposal to acquire a piece of land for a new field and premises.

SCA president Awang Mahyan Awang Mohammed said they had received a letter from the ministry saying the land had already been allocated for some other activities of the ministry.

The proposed land, beside the State Indoor Stadium, is now used for extreme sports.

“The SCA submitted the proposal in July.

I was hoping for approval but unfortunately, it’s the other way around,” said a disappointed Mahyan.

He added that SCA would be sending a new proposal to the Land and Survey Department for a new plot around the city.

Mahyan also said the previous proposal to build a cricket pitch at Merdeka Field (in front of Merdeka Palace) also came to nought because of security concerns and additional costs.

“We need to build a moveable fence around the field to prevent passing vehicles from being hit by cricket balls during play. The safety around that area is definitely poor. We can’t afford to take such a risk.”

Mahyan also questioned the inability of the ministry to provide funds for sending a state team to the recent Penang International Sixes Cricket competition.

“We are disappointed. This is important for us as participation will give us the exposure to further develop the sport in the state.”