Teenager goes on drug and alcohol-fuelled rampage


KUCHING: A school leaver and former National Service trainee single-handedly fended off a group of 15 villagers during a drug and alcohol-fuelled rampage before being subdued early yesterday.

OUT OF CONTROL: A neighbour helps a policeman carry the boy to a patrol car to be taken to hospital.

The 18-year-old boy was believed to have consumed alcohol and other illicit substances  with  his friends prior to returning to his house at Kampung  Bintawa Tengah around 1am where the incident took place.

According to a neighbour, he was awoken by the shouts of the boy’s father calling for help and immediately rushed over together with around 15 other men.

Upon  reaching  the house, they found the teen in a state of uncontrollable rage as he went about smashing furniture and other items in the living room while his helpless family  members  could only  stand  back  and watch.

The men  then  went  about apprehending the boy, but found their task tougher than anticipated when the latter succeeded in punching and kicking them away  which resulted in several of them sustaining bruises to their faces and bodies.

Describing the teen as possessing near superhuman strength, the neighbour told reporters that it took them close to an hour before they finally managed to subdue him.

They then called the police to take the teen into custody and, together with the boy’s father, took him to the police station.

With the boy’s rage showing no immediate signs of abating, a decision was made to send him to the hospital for medical attention prior to locking him up for questioning.