Thursday, January 27

Three missing hikers found


SANTUBONG: Three friends who got lost at Mount Santubong during a hiking trip on Thursday were found yesterday evening.

LOST AND FOUND: The rescue team returning with the lost boys.

According to the father of 19-year-old Dzrie Azram, he deposited his son at  the foot of Mount Santubong on Thursday (Oct 14) and that Dzrie informed him that

he would be back on Saturday.

The father waited for the boy until 7pm on Saturday but did not see his son.

Yesterday, Dzrie’s brother Dzul Azijan went to search for the three hikers with a friend.

They only managed to reach the ‘fourth level’ of the mountain and failed to locate the trio.

Their father then lodged a missing person report at the Santubong police station around 10am.

A search and rescue team was dispatched and scoured two mountain paths for the missing boys.

The trio were found around noon and safely descended at about 2pm.