PAWS offers to train council staff on catching, eliminating animals


MIRI: Piasau Animal Welfare (PAWS) and a private veterinary clinic had offered to train the staff of Miri Municipal Council humane ways of catching or eliminating stray dogs and animals in the city.

This offer was made recently in a meeting between PAWS and City Mayor Lawrence Lai and his staff.

“I must thank PAWS for their willingness to discuss with the council the most dignified manner of eliminating dogs and train the staff of our dog unit. As advisor of Sarawak Kennel Association, I for one would also like to have the dogs treated with some dignity,” he said.

The mayor told The Borneo Post this yesterday when asked to comment on allegations that the council’s dog unit had disregarded pleas by PAWS to stop killing the stray dogs that they caught at Taman Bayshore recently.

He said the incident was very much regretted and hoped it would not happen again.

He also urged the public to cooperate with the council to ensure Miri City is clean and free from stray dogs and animals.

“In a month on average about 30 stray dogs are rounded up. The unlicensed ones will be put to sleep or killed while the licensed ones will be kept for 48 hours. If the owners come to collect the dogs they have to pay RM5 removal fee otherwise those unclaimed will also be killed,” he said.

He advised those wanting to keep dogs to obtain valid licences at RM4 for a dog and RM6 for a bitch.

Those having problems with stray dogs or animals should contact the council’s hotline at 424111 during office hours and from 8am to 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Meanwhile, Secretary of PAWS Natasha Caldenhove said they were happy with the outcome of the meeting.

A team of four PAWS volunteers and three PAWS dogs took part in Piasau Boat Club Charity Half Marathon Relay 2010 at Piasau Camp last Saturday.

Caldenhove said it was one of their ways to create greater awareness of the roles of PAWS in helping the council keep Miri City free from stray dogs and animals.

PAWS does not have a home for the animals but will find people to adopt them. Currently there are four adult dogs, four puppies, nine kittens and four cats awaiting adoptive families.

Those interested in adopting the animals can contact PAWS committee members at 012-8713170 or 017-4140100 or email them at [email protected].