M’sian capital market need more informed investors


MIRI: The Malaysian capital market need more informed investors who are encouraged to trade online.

Q&A SESSION: (From left) Shin, Mo and Tan on stage fielding questions from the floor during the roadshow.

OSK Investment Bank Bhd (OSK) organised Market Chat 2010 roadshow in Grand Palace Hotel here recently that provided insights on stock market investment to educate and create awareness on the securities market as well as to encourage online trading amongst retail investors.

“A good investor is an informed investor – creating more informed investors is one of the goals of our Market Chat roadshows,” said Bursa Malaysia Bhd (Bursa Malaysia) head of surveillance research and development (R&D) and market surveillance, Arshad Azizi Kamaruddin in his opening speech.

Arshad welcomed some 150 participants who turned up at the fourth season of Market Chat roadshow.

“Retail investors have always been a crucial investor segment of our Malaysian capital market.

“We have been steadfast in working hand-in-hand with our stakeholders and broker partners to stimulate interest amongst Malaysians to invest in our stock market,” said Arshad who explained the main aim in boosting the retail stock market with Market Chat started in 2006.

According to him, Bursa partnered with nine selected brokers which included OSK, and has since conducted 117 roadshows and reaching nearly 18,000 investors in the past three years.

“We were able to generate nearly 3,600 new CDS accounts over the period.Naturally, we intend to make Market Chat bigger and better each year,” he said.

He hoped to see expansion to more cities and non-urban areas, and eventually reach out to all segments of society.

“Our government is committed to make Malaysia more business-friendly to investors.

“The call for the divestment of government stakes in public listed companies are examples of measures to promote vibrancy, free float and liquidity in our market to enhance the attractiveness of the Malaysian capital market.

“These developments hold opportunities for all investors like you,” he said.

In order to achieve greater efficiency and offering convenience to the public, Bursa has introduced the eDividend to enhance payment efficiency.

“We would like to see the younger generations take keener interest in the stock market. It is very important for stakeholders to collaborate in enhancing the pool of retail investors,” he said.

He urged participants to spread the word and encourage others to participate in future roadshows.

“I believe that there are always opportunities if we know what we’re looking for. And yes, there are hidden gems in our capital market,” he added.

During the Q&A session, he replied to a participant that he will bring up the matter with Bursa of introducing similar e-payment systems for the Warrants and Futures trade, which involve larger sums of money.

The main speakers were Shin Kao Jack of OSK Research Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur (KL) who presented ‘Market Outlook’, Eric Tan of OSK Investment Bank (Derivatives and Structured Products), KL with ‘Understand Call Warrants and ETF’, and Grace Mo of OSK Investment Bank, Sibu with ‘How to trade KLCI Futures and CPO Futures’.

The guest speakers were Sarawak Plantation Bhd (SPB) corporate finance manager Koay Bee Eng, and Naim Cendera Holdings Bhd senior director Ricky Kho who enlightened participants with the portfolios of their respective companies listed on the stock exchange.