‘Many M’sians unable to grasp 1Malaysia concept’


KOTA KINABALU: Many Malaysians are unable to grasp the 1Malaysia concept, said Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) Vice Chancellor Datuk Seri Panglima Prof Dr Kamaruzaman Ampon.

FOR YOU: Andreas (left) presents a souvenir to Kamaruzaman while Lai looks on.

He pointed out that studies conducted by Merdeka Centre found that less than 50 per cent of the respondents were unable to explain the true meaning of 1Malaysia.

Kamaruzaman further said people have different interpretations of 1Malaysia, such as 1Malaysia being a slogan, a vision, or a formula.

“The basic issue that arises when a programme is introduced is the understanding (of the people),” he said when officiating at the two-day 1Malaysia seminar at UMS here yesterday.

Hence, the Language and Knowledge Dissemination Centre in UMS took the initiative to organise the seminar, aiming at strengthening the understanding of the 1Malaysia concept for the participants.

This is achieved through the presentation of working papers as well as exchange of ideas through forums.

“Generally, the 1Malaysia concept calls for Malaysians, made up of various ethnic groups, religions and political backgrounds, to live under one roof in peace for the people to prosper.

“Therefore, each citizen should play a role to realize the 1Malaysia concept regardless of age, gender, status, qualifications or descent,” he stressed.

However, Kamaruzaman pointed out that many Sabahans are still underprivileged, despite being an exemplar in toleration towards other ethnic groups.

“More than 16,000 Sabahans are classified as hardcore poor in the studies conducted in middle of the Ninth Malaysia Plan, which is one of the largest numbers compared to other states.” Hence, he hoped that the budget based on the 1Malaysia concept would resolve this problem in the near future.

Also present were organizing chairman Associate Prof Dr Andreas Totu and deputy organising chairman Dr Lai Yew Meng.