Five wooden shophouses destroyed in morning fire


MIRI: Twenty people, were made homeless and a 35-year-old Kenyah man suffered minor burns on his back, in an early morning fire at Temala timber camp, Ulu Baram around 12.45am yesterday.

RAZED TO THE GROUND: Five units of wooden shophouses were completely destroyed in an early morning fire.

The early morning fire destroyed five units of wooden shophouse, which contributed to an estimated loss of RM800,000.

According to a reliable source, the victim, identified as Pius Jau, had been sent to the Long Lama clinic for further treatment.

The victim claimed to be sleeping during the fire outbreak and was awaken by its intensity.

In his bit to escape from the upper floor of the double storey shop, his back was slightly burned.

It was believed that a short circuit had started the fire.