Prawns, crabs expected to cost less, fish more


KOTA KINABALU: The supply of shrimps, prawns and crabs is expected to increase while that of fish will drop during the prevailing monsoon season.

This means the price of the shellfish may fall and that of fish may rise, and it is the best time to enjoy crustaceans.

According to fishmongers, so far there has been no change in the supplies and prices but the situation could change soon if the rainfall increases markedly as expected.

Mohd Azman Usman, who is still selling tuna at RM5 per kilo, said there is no reason to raise the price as the suppliers have not increased it.

“Our fish supplier is still giving the best price to us and it helps us to maintain the existing price, he said.

“This year, the sea conditions are not that bad but we never know until the end of the year because it is always raining in December. That is the time we will increase our tuna price from RM5 to RM5.50 or RM6.00 per kilo, depending on the price we pay to the suppliers,” he said.

Azman said their customers are not that many compared to a few years ago as there are many fishmongers selling fish and other seafood at roadsides around the city, which affect their business at the central market here.

Roni Abdul Halim, who is selling prawns at the market, said the rainy season is the best time to buy prawns due to plentiful supplies and lower price.

For example, the price of shrimps could fall to RM5 a kilo, he said.

“So far the weather is still OK and we are selling at the normal price,” he said.

Crab seller Rosli Talib said the suppliers are still charging the same price, but it could drop when the supplies increase.

“My crab supplies are enough for my customers and I am still selling Ketam Suri at RM15 a kilo and Ketam Bunga RM14,” he said.

Meanwhile, a regular customer at Donggongon fish market said the price of fish is still the same and he found the fish are fresher than usual.

He also noted that a greater variety of fish can be found at the  market for the past few weeks.

Zuhari Lakamba, who is selling vegetables at the central market here, said if the rains persist for one week, they would have problem in obtaining supplies.

That is the time when suppliers from Tuaran, Inanam and Ranau will increase their prices.

“Vegetables are not growing during the rainy season and we would only have certain vegetables at such time,” said Zuhari.

Saadiah Saidin and her friend Sarinah Othman, who are selling vegetables and ‘cili padi’ at the central market, said they would normally adjust the amount of vegetables in a bundle sold per ringgit if there is an increase in the price.

Saadiah said if there are normally 15 long beans per bundle, they will reduce them to 12 or 13.