Tuesday, January 21

Every Pantai Damai village needs primary drain – Dr Abd Rahman


A GOVERNMENT backbencher has urged the authorities concerned to build a primary drain in each village in Pantai Damai.

Dr Abdul Rahman Junaidi (BN-Pantai Damai) said the primary drain would ensure the smooth flow of water from sub-drains in Kampung Boyan, Gersik, Surabaya, Panglima Seman, Semarang, Pulo and Bintawa.

“We are worried that the stagnant water in the sub-drains would affect the health of the people.

“If left unattended, the stagnant water could become breeding ground for mosquitoes that might lead to possible outbreak of diseases namely dengue, malaria and chikungkunya,” he said in his debate speech on Supply (2011) Bill 2010 yesterday.

Dr Rahman said although his constituency was in the city area, some villages were still not provided with electricity and water supply.

He added that the relevant authorities had been notified on this subject matter, but the residents concerned were still waiting for good news from the government.

Villages that needed electricity supply include Salak, Sg Batu, Sungai Bedaun, Sungai Daun Nibong, Trombol, Sibu Laut, Sungai Aur and Sungai Agas Lama, he said, adding that some of them also lacked water supply.

A few roads in Pantai Damai were without street lighting and thus dangerous to road users, he pointed out.

He felt that such facility was important to prevent accidents, especially at night.

The stretches of roads comprised Jalan Pasir Pandah off Jalan Sultan Tengah; most of the roads leading to Rampangi Phase II; sub-roads to Kampung Sungai Lumut, Sungai Batu and Sungai Bedaun; and the main road in Kampung Trombol.

He hoped that the proposed police headquarters in Petra Jaya and a police station in Bandar Baru Semariang would help reduce crime rate in his area.

“Security is always a cause for concern. While we are waiting for these projects to be implemented, it is hoped that law enforcement officers would continue to do their jobs properly,” he said.