Man survives night attack at his house


KUCHING: A man was lucky to be alive after his neck was slashed by armed men who barged into his house in the middle of the night.

The incident happened in Kampung Kudei at Rubber Road West here around 1am yesterday.

The victim and his wife, in their 30s, were awoken by the sound of men outside their house.

When the husband went to check, three men forced their way into the house and slashed him with a sharp weapon.

At least two of the attackers are believed to be known to the couple.

After the men fled, the victim was taken to Sarawak General Hospital where he  was admitted.

A source disclosed that the man was fortunate as the slash on his neck did not sever any major blood vessel.

The motive behind the attack was unclear.

A police report on the incident was made and the case is being investigated.