Thursday, December 3

Anwar may be scared of his own shadow — Zaid


KOTA BAHARU: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim might be scared of his own shadow when he launched personal attacks against individuals who exposed flaws in the party elections, said Datuk Zaid Ibrahim.

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim

Zaid, a former PKR Central Leadership Council member and PKR Federal Territory chief, said he was puzzled with Anwar’s personal attack against him when he offered to contest the party deputy president post, accusing him of being an Umno agent and paid by certain quarters.

“I only wanted to contest and at the same time, there were flaws and cheating in the party elections held by the divisions. I voiced these out and when I was personally attacked, I needed to defend myself.

“I don’t know what Anwar is scared of; I am not popular like him as he is known throughout the world,” he told reporters at his residence, here, yesterday.

Zaid has become an issue in PKR following his remarks that the problems in the party and the fraud and chaos in the party elections showed Anwar’s weakness as a leader after he (Zaid) quit all his party posts and withdrew from the contest on Monday.

Zaid said Anwar’s shortcomings were proven when he blamed Barisan Nasional for the failure of his Sept 16 mission and when some Pakatan Rakyat MPs quit and it lost Perak, although he was the source of all these problems.

Yesterday, N Gobalakrishnan who is contesting a party vice-president post, asked the PKR top leadership to explain the alleged cheating in the party elections through a memorandum handed to the party leaders.

Zaid said it was the duty of the party’s top leaders to investigate allegations of fraud in the party elections and not for him to prove to Anwar whether it really happened.

“I think this is their tactic to divert attention from the fraud in the party elections by attacking me.

But I am not the only one speaking out on this as there are others too.”

He said there were complaints made by several divisions on vote rigging like in Alor Gajah and Kubang Pasu and the party’s top leadership must investigate these reports. — Bernama

“If this problem continues, to me Anwar is not fit to be a national leader if Pakatan Rakyat rules the country as he is only good at creating stories without proof on individuals he dislikes.”

Zaid said as a party that fought for justice and transparency, it was the duty of the top leaders to explain the issues in the party elections and not resort to making personal attacks against him. — Bernama