‘Women in S’wak ready to accept responsibility as community heads’


KUCHING: Women in the state are ready to accept their responsibility in becoming community leaders.

This is the conclusion made by Minister in the Chief Minister’s Office Datin Fatimah Abdullah, based on the performance shown by women in the state.

According to her, although less than 10 percent of community leader posts in the state are held by women, the commitment shown by these women is very encouraging.

“One of the advantages that we discovered is that they are committed in their duties and they are really focussed on what has been entrusted to them.”

“We also found out that when they are appointed as community leaders, they could carry out their duties satisfactorily, so I think that they can impress society and the government, therefore creating confidence in women and hopefully more women can be appointed to these community posts,” she said after being asked by reporters to comment on a statement made by Kedup assemblyman Frederick Bayoi, who wants more women to be nominated as community leaders.

Fatimah, who fully supported the call, said various actions have

been taken by the government to increase women’s participation on the field.

“We have yet to reach ten per cent of the total number of women who are holding posts as community leaders.”

“But we are confident that many actions have been taken to increase the current number, as it is still low and also because there currently are able women who are performing well as community leaders, be it as

village head or tuai rumah, penghulu, and pemanca. On Temenggong posts, I think we have yet to have any woman (appointed to the post),” she said.

She also advised the women who are now community leaders to give their best performance because it would encourage the society to have more confidence in women’s administration.

“It is very important to give the best example, thus cementing the confidence of members of the public in appointing more women as community leaders,” she encouraged.

“We are aware that community leaders are those at the grassroot level and they will be the mediator between the local community and government, thus the responsibility is an important, if not, a vital one,” she said.

Meanwhile Deputy State Secretary Datuk Abdul Ghaffur, who was also present during the ceremony, said the community leader candidacy system would see new candidates being nominated every four years. It will definitely create more opportunities for women.

“In the past, once appointed, you will be a village head for the rest of your life but now, one must have new candidates every four years and it is here that we see more opportunities for able women,” she enthused.