Wednesday, November 13

QNet S’wak aims for larger presence in the state


KUCHING: One of Asia’s largest direct selling company, QNet (M) Sdn Bhd (QNet) is aiming for a 33 per cent growth in Sarawak in terms of its independent representatives (IRs) by the end of this year.

AIM HIGHER: Navaratnam hopes to hit the target of 15,000 IRs by the end of this year and maintain a 25 per cent growth rate (in terms of IRs) next year.

QNet general manager V Navaratnam who was here to launch the new Sarawak office said it was the first office outside of Peninsular Malaysia and the office would also serve as its logistics hub for shipment of its products in East Malaysia.

“Sarawak has always been an important market for QNet Malaysia. In fact, the Sarawak market has scored the highest growth rate in the country in terms of our operations. We hope to hit the target of 15,000 IRs by the end of this year and maintain a 25 per cent growth rate (in terms of IRs) next year,” he said.

Sarawak QNet would take on a dual role as the logistics hub for both Sabah and Sarawak.

“We have put in place a more cost efficient and speedier product delivery system. This will result in QNet passing on the cost savings to our customers,” he said.

Navaratnam said with

the setting up of the operations here, QNet would be able to provide better sales force and ground support. He said the new office would also allow QNet IRs to conduct training sessions and  hold discussions with prospective customers on business opportunities.

On the expansion front, Navaratnam pointed out that QNet would also set up a few small support system hubs in some of the potential areas within the state.

“The most important task would be creating the network and awareness amongst the communities here. We need to have these support systems across the towns before we can establish our presence deeper.”

Compared with Sabah, he highlighted that the demand here was higher and the company would take some time before establishing a greater presence in the northern market of East Malaysia.

Based on an e-commerce platform, QNet Malaysia business opportunity was about promoting and referring the products of QNet Malaysia to retail customers as well as entrepreneurs who also wanted to start their own businesses.

“Particularly during tough economic times, direct selling is an extremely viable and successful avenue to provide supplementary or complete income streams. The direct selling industry is one that thrives during global recessions and also presents an attractive career path during the more economically stable times,” Navaratnam explained.

QNet Malaysia operated an advanced computerised warehouse as its logistics hubs and the system was fully integrated with the virtual office of IRs. “They are able to track their shipments in real time and online, anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to the Internet.

“The stability and protection of the QNet Malaysia database is one of the foremost priorities, as is the security of e-commerce transactions and virtual office functions. All services are monitored around the clock to guarantee confidence in website accessibility and eStore security,” said the general manager.

At an international level, QNet Ltd offered products ranging from wellness, energy and nutrition products, to holiday packages, telecommunications as well as luxury and collectible items.

Through strategic partnerships and industry investments by QNet Ltd’s parent company, QI Group, both QNet Ltd and QNet Malaysia are able to offer unprecedented quality within the range of exclusive brands and products that are offered to the network.

“In an industry that can often be plagued by rogue operators, we strive to be a beacon of transparency and be known as a legitimate operation. We believe that long-term growth in business can be achieved by creating a culture of professional marketing,” Navaratnam opined.