Army truck and lorry collide at bridge near Siniawan


BAU: An armed forces medic suffered a suspected broken leg when a truck he was travelling in rammed into the rear of a lorry at Tanjung Durian, near here, yesterday.

TEAMWORK: Rescuers working hand-in-hand to free the trapped medic from the damaged truck.

The 26-year-old was seated in front together with another passenger,  a 23-year-old who sustained minor injuries when the incident happened at a bridge leading to Siniawan, around 11.45am.

No one else was hurt in the accident.

According to witnesses, the armed forces truck was travelling behind a lorry heading towards Bau, when both vehicles arrived at the bridge.

At that time, a 10-tonne truck was already crossing the bridge from the opposite direction, which prompted the lorry driver to stop to give way.

However, this led to the armed forces truck ramming into the lorry’s rear after its driver failed to brake in time.

The medic was partially pinned to his seat and was extricated with the combined efforts of personnel from the armed forces, Fire Department and Civil Defence Department.

Both he and the other injured passenger were sent to the hospital for treatment.