Group attacked after kicking up a fuss over slow service


KUCHING: A group of friends claimed they were assaulted at a coffee shop in Batu Kawah after making a big fuss over the late arrival of their food.

The incident happened around 4am yesterday when the group, comprising two men and three women, stopped at the 24-hour shop for an early morning meal.

Becoming impatient at the slow service, they were said to have complained loudly until another group of men and women suddenly confronted them.

A verbal argument broke out before the alleged assault took place, which left the friends with slight facial and body injuries.

The second group later fled in a car and a motorcycle when a police patrol car arrived at the scene. A police report of the incident was lodged and the incident is being investigated.

In an unrelated case, a housewife in her 40s was left with a bruised forehead after trying to stop a snatch thief.

The incident happened around 9.30pm when the victim was waiting alone in front of a coffee shop at Jalan Petanak.

An unidentified man walked past her and into the shop to buy something, but later emerged and grabbed her purse off the table.

The purse contained about RM800 and some personal documents.

As he fled to his motorcycle, the housewife picked up a plastic chair and swung it at the thief who deflected the blow and caused the chair to rebound on to the victim’s head.

She later made her way to the police station to lodge a report.