Monday, December 6

Rude Lanang Bridge toll plaza staff offends foreigner


SIBU: It was indeed a shocking New Year 2011 experience for a road user who was very rudely reprimanded by a lady staff at Lanang Bridge Toll Plaza counter even though he claimed that he had politely requested to have his change in ringgit note.

The traveller from a neighbouring country, who only wished to be known as Kelvin Karno, was on his way to Kuching from Miri on January 1 at around 9pm when he paid the toll charges to a lady staff at the Lanang Bridge Toll Plaza counter located second from the left side.

“When she handed over to me the change, I politely requested her to have the RM1 coins to be changed into a RM1 note, but I was shocked when she suddenly and rudely burst out “Tidak Boleh, You Boleh Jalanlah (No way, you just go off now).”

“I have been travelling to Sarawak on business trips for the last 10 years and this is the first time that I came across a very ill mannered toll plaza counter staff. Even though the young lady was well dressed, her very rude attitude towards the motorists who pay toll charges had badly tarnished the good image of the company that she is working for,” said Kelvin in a very upset tone.

He hoped that the company would give her and other staff found to be treating motorists with such rude words a stern warning, as every motorist expects to be treated politely.

“If in the first place I had asked the RM1 coins to be changed into a RM1 note in a very rude manner, I do understand that I deserve to be treated in such a way, but despite requesting politely this lady staff just acted out of my expectation by being very rude and impolite” he added.