Coffee to cost 30 sen more


TAWAU: Though none of petrol kiosks in the district supply RON 97, the 10 sen increase became the hot topic at coffee shops as the price for a hot cup of coffee had increased by 30 sen.

Motorist here would not be affected by the increase as their choice of fuel is only RON 95.

However consumers are complaining as their favourite drinks had increased by 20 sen to 30 sen.

According to coffee shop owners who are members of food and drinks associations, they had already received the new price for drinks and coffee drinkers would have to fork out extra as a cup of coffee will cost RM1.20 now, compared to RM1 before.

For a bigger glass the new price is RM1.50, and RM2 for ice-coffee.

The same goes for tea.

Two more favourite drinks, Milo and lemon tea, will also cost RM2 with ice and RM1.80 for a hot glass.

Chinese tea saw an increase of 50 sen to RM1 depending on the quality, and shop owners said they had no choice but to increase due to transportation charges.

A coffee shop owner said she would not charge for a hot glass of water though her association allowed a charge of 20 sen.

She said she is worried that her customers would go away if she imposed charges for a glass of hot water.

However, consumers are surprised at the increase for drinks as they argue transporters are given subsidised fuel; thus there should be no increase for food and drinks.

Local leaders when contacted said they would comment soon as they needed to observe and get more feedbacks on the affects of the RON 97 increase.