Wednesday, January 26

No political agenda in Projek Jiwa Murni, says Zahid


SEMATAN: Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi yesterday stated that the ‘Projek Jiwa Murni’ programme is not a political agenda involving the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM).

Answering a query by a reporter on the possibility of the opposition manipulating the image of the programme by labelling the involvement of the army as a political agenda, Zahid quickly ruled out the matter and stressed that the ATM were not involved in any political affairs.

“As the nation is now at peace, ATM focuses on humanitarian and disaster relief efforts, while not forgetting welfare assistance to the needy,” explained Zahid.

He was speaking at a press conference after the soft launching of the ‘Projek Jiwa Murni’ for 3 Brigade assigned areas at Kampung Sebat Melayu here yesterday.

Zahid added that the effort is not new, as previously the the programme was known as ‘Askar Masuk Kampung’ programme when the Defence Minister portfolio was held by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

“Last time, the budget allocation was small, but with the allocations given by the 1Malaysia Development Board for the programme this year, we are glad that the programme can be done on a larger scale,” he said.

Pointing the good deeds by the army to assist those in the rural areas through the programme, Zahid urged everyone not to manipulate the effort of the army to help the needy.

Zahid said the PM would also announce the construction of the Bario-Ba’Kelalan road which will be built by the Royal Engineers Regiment (RAJD) under the programme.

“The project, which will cost RM150 million if tendered will only cost RM50 million it was built by the RAJD Engineering Kor,” he said while adding that Najib will also announce other projects during the national level launching at Belaga on January 15.

He also hoped for the involvement of the Rural and Regional Development together with the Health Ministry in the programme as an integrated workforce in assisting those in the rural areas to supply of electricity and water.