Wednesday, March 20

Faito holds roadshow at Kuching Waterfront


KUCHING: Faito Racing Trend Sdn Bhd (Faito), a local company specialising in motorcycle accessories is currently holding a mobile roadshow at Kuching Waterfront (opposite UOB Bank) ending this Sunday (January 23).

PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN: Lu (third left) and Teoh (third right) pose for a photo call after the press conference, flanked by the staff and models of Ghee Yong and Faito, respectively.

Faito’s corporate branding executive, Teoh Jilvon said, “The aim of this roadshow is to create awareness amongst the Kuching public of the quality and affordability of Faito products for motorcycle enthusiasts.”

Some of the Faito products available at the roadshow included brake pads, racing sprocket chain assemblies, racing camshafts, racing plug caps, racing
plug wires and related spare parts of high quality incorporating Japanese technology.

Joint organiser Ghee Yong Holdings (LKY) Sdn Bhd (Ghee Yong) director Lu Kim Yong stated, “Door gifts will also be given away during the five-day roadshow for those who confirm their motorcycle or e-bicycle purchases. In addition, they will also be eligible for the Grand Lucky Draw which runs from January 1 to December 31 this year.”

The grand prize for this lucky draw would be a Perodua Viva, followed by a Suzuki Smash V115 motorcycle and a Demak Evo z motorcycle for the second and third prizes, respectively.

Participants also could win an eco-friendly ‘e-bicycle’ as the forth prize.

LUCKY DRAW PRIZES: A view of the prizes awaiting the winners of lucky draw.

Lu further added that customers who wanted to enquire more about Faito products and motorcycles were highly encouraged to come to the roadshow as his company had been in the industry for forty plus years and it emphasised highly on quality and after-sales service.

To liven up the atmosphere, there would be constant prize giveaways throughout the duration of the roadshow from 2pm to 10 pm daily through the organised contests.

The highlight of the roadshow would include a special appearance by the comedian group Ketampi of Raja Lawak Musim Ke-2 fame on January 22 to 23.

Patrons would also be pleased to know that Faito products on sale during the roadshow would be substantially cheaper than its retail prices.

“Faito products will be sold at 30 per cent to 50 per cent cheaper during the roadshow, therefore enabling the public to test for themselves the quality of Faito products at an affordable price,” Teoh said.

She also gave the gathered members of the press a briefing on the different categories of Faito products which catered to all age groups of motorcycle enthusiasts.

For more information, call Ghee Yong at 082-411153, 422753, 422624, email [email protected] or log on to