Thursday, April 9

Council takes trip to explore historical Gunung Ngili


KUCHING: Simunjan Distict Council recently organised an expedition to the mountain area of Gunung Ngili to get acquainted with the area possible historical site.

MOUNTAIN EXPEDITION: Nancy Shukri (front centre) leads the expedition to Gunung Ngili.

Secretary of the council Norhalimah Mohd Hamni said that the idea came from Batang Sadong MP Nancy Shukri who was also involved in the expedition.

“The idea was to let the public know about the importance of safeguarding our historical site, especially for the younger generation,” she said.

One of the famous sites at the mountain area was the ‘Lubang 8’ (Tunnel 8), an old coal mine since World War II. It was reported that during the World War II, the coals dug out from the tunnel were transported to Simunjan town using train for export purpose.

“There are evidences left during the era indicating the presence of the mine near the tunnel. A rusty boiler and a railway track were discovered in the mountain area,” she said.

The mountain also featured an ideal lookout point towards the South China Sea and Pulau Burung, making it ideal to be turned into a destination for tourist attraction.

One of the climbers Juni Sinjan, who came with the expedition, strongly supported the idea to make the area a valuable tourism product.

Another climber Mohd Ishak Ramlee suggested that the mountain area is also great as a spot for sighting the moon, especially during Ramadan month as the Muslims wait to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

A total of 100 people joined the expedition, including senior officers from government agencies.