Kinabatangan opens flood control centre


KINABATANGAN: The flood operations control centre in Kinabatangan will be opened today due to continuous rains in the district.

Assistant district officer Arisin Ariffin said the river water level in Bukit Garam had yet to reach the danger point following observations on Saturday.

“We haven’t received any reports of flood in any area of Kinabatangan and we are still monitoring all the places, especially in low-lying areas,” he said.

Arisin added the situation in Kuamut and Tongod is also still under control despite days of continuous rains.

“Our committee are always monitoring for any disaster with help from the flood committee in each area,” he said.

The Kinabatangan flood operations control centre will operate during office hours but will be opened 24 hours later if the floods worsen.

Arisin urged the residents in low-lying areas to be extra careful and alert of current information about the weather. They should also be prepared to evacuate for their own safety when advised to do so.

Meanwhile, Telupid assistant district officer Benedict Asmat said the flood committee had started monitoring several villages that are expected to be hit by flood. They include Kiabau, Gambaron, Bius, Maliau, Bauto and Berayung.

The flood operations control centre in Telupid will also be activated when there is report of flood.