Sunday, September 27

Finas targets RM100 mln in movie ticket sales


KOTA KINABALU: The target to gross RM100 million in ticket sales for local Malaysian movies produced this year is achievable, said National Film Development Corporation (Finas) chairman Datuk Seri Mohd Salleh Tun Said.

Expressing this confidence, Mohd Salleh said the Malaysian market is big enough to even exceed the targeted figure but it would be up to the film producers and directors to produce quality movies that can attract movie fans into the cinemas.

“Viewers are more discerning now since they have access to numerous options, as far as movies are concerned. They can make the comparison (between
the local and foreign movies) and so movie makers have to look at what the viewers want, their tastes and expectations,” he said at the launching of a new television series, Kopi ‘O’, here yesterday.

He said the Malaysian film industry had progressed significantly over the years with some of its locally produced movies having received numerous raves and reviews overseas.

However, the industry players – from the actors to the producers – must continue to emphasize on the quality of their products, apart from satisfying the taste and expectation of the movie fans.

Finas, he said, would continue with the effort to develop the film industry and ensure high quality and artistic products are given all the support needed so that they can be produced, marketed and shared with a larger audience.

Information, Communications, Arts and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim last month had urged Finas to step up efforts to improve and raise the quality of the products of the local film industry to international level.

He suggested Finas adopt the target of getting not less than RM100 million in total movie collection this year as its Key Performance Index (KPI).

He said ticket sales for local movies in Malaysia had been on the upward trend over the past few years, when RM30 million was collected from 21 movies in 2007 but the figure had risen significantly in 2008 where 25 movies managed to make it to the cinema and grossed RM43 million in ticket sales.

The figure continued to climb in 2009 when 26
movies reaped in RM51 million and 2010 further grossing RM76 million with 29 movies.

On a related note, Mohd Salleh said Finas would also look into getting the growing number of associations in the industry to unite into one big organisation so that they can be more effective in protecting the interests of their members and promoting better development for the industry.

Kopi ‘O’ to be produced by Pentas Wayang Production, is currently being shot in Sabah, a 13-episode sitcom featuring popular artistes from Sabah, Sarawak and the peninsula.

Revolving around the daily life of multi-racial characters who spend most of their free time chatting at a coffee shop, it reflects the reality of the daily interaction, sentiments and unity among the various ethnics of Malaysians in Sabah, in this case of those residing in Tenom, a district synonymous with coffee.

Among the artistes to make their appearance in the comedy are Fazurina (of Cheongsam fame) Amelia Chen (Samarinda), Prieya @ Kalapana Devi, Danny X Factor and Ajak Achika, as well as T.S Jeffrey, who is also the director.

Those from Sabah will be Alex (Raja lawak), Ebi and Candy (AF5), Mat Congo, Abu Bakar Ella, Wawa Diamond, P Dick Ganai and Karim Gullam.

Kopi ‘O’, which is produced by Jamani Jaafar, will also feature Sarawak actor Rezuandy Rejuna.