SPDP at maximum alert for state polls


MIRI: Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) is all geared up for the next state election.

CLOSE TO THE PEOPLE: Mawan (seated fourth left) with committee members of SPDP Lambir and Kampung Lusut. Seated from first to third left are Rose, Howell and Aying.

Its president Dato Sri William Mawan said this when approached by The Borneo Post on their preparedness for the polls, heavily speculated to be held soon.

He said their preparations were all in place, in terms of identifying candidates, holding unity programmes and forums.

“We are in fourth gear now and we are fully geared up.

“Every candidate is on ‘press the button’ and ‘on your mark, get set, go’ mode,” Mawan said confidently.

According to him, their operations room and other related facilities had been in place.

“Of course, when the election is to be held, we won’t know, but I put the candidates at a level of maximum alert,” he said.

To another question, he said he was confident that the incumbents could retain all the eight seats.

He also said the party had identified certain trends in terms of how the opposition played up issues, but believed the incumbents had a very good chance of retaining their seats.

“Some probably stand a better chance than the others,” he said, adding he also told Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak the same thing and that in some areas they probably could do even better.

On whether SPDP would retain all its eight incumbents for the polls, the president responded: “Yes, we retain all of them, but again, this is still subject to the decision of the Barisan Nasional (BN). We are just putting up the recommendation.”

When asked if the opposition posed any major problem to SPDP, the Social Development and Urbanisation Minister shook his head.

“No, not to the party, but as I said, they (opposition) are facing the might of the BN as a whole, and by themselves,” he said, pointing out that the opposition was fragmented and did not seem to have a single machinery.

Mawan was met at the recent ‘With-the-Leader Session’ at Kampung Lusut, No 1, Zone A at Ulu Sungai Dalam, Taman Tunku near here.

It was organised by the SPDP branch in the area in collaboration with SPDP N62 Lambir Division.

On the purpose of his visit to Kampug Lusut, Mawan said it was to renew contacts and it was also related to the state election.

While in Miri, he made full use of the opportunity to meet party members and supporters to consolidate their support for SPDP candidates and the BN as a whole, and reminded them to close ranks with other BN members.

“That is the role we play as a BN component party and also my role as one of the leaders of the BN coalition,” Mawan acknowledged.

At the function, he announced a grant of RM20,000 for Kampung Lusut residents.

“From that, I hope they can apportion any amount they feel confident for the renovation of their community hall and other necessary projects.”

On the dilapidated bridge leading to the village, Mawan promised to bring the problem to the attention of the relevant authorities.

Mawan also announced another RM5,000 for the Women Bureau of Kampung Lusut.

Among those present at the session were SPDP Piasau division chairman Peter Howell Jilan, who is also a supreme council member, SPDP Piasau division women chief Kijan Toynbee, Lambir division chairman Steward Aying Mawan and Kampung Lusut head Rose Sulan.