Monday, June 17

Lingga’s Chinese school faces an uncertain future


LINGGA, Sri Aman: Almost all pupils of Chinese school, SJK Lingga, are Bumiputeras with the dwindling population posing an uncertain future for the school.

Lingga Liu Tshin Nen, chairman of Chung Hua school’s sub-committee told The Borneo Post Adventure Team (BAT) this yesterday.

He said presently there are some 80 pupils from pre-school to Primary 6.

“But we have never thought of closing the school as it’s our identity. Now under 1Malaysia, this school has more Bumiputera pupils, especially Ibans, than Chinese,” Liu said.

The school mostly catered to Iban pupils from nearby villages and provided them with boarding facility.

“We have to assist them as they have no schools in their longhouses. The government also provides food besides boarding,” Liu revealed.

The other communities send their children to the nearby government school.

“As the population of Lingga is dwindling, we do not know the future of our Chinese school here,” he said, adding that the young people are leaving the area for greener pastures elsewhere.