Wednesday, July 17

Award to Astro’s local documentary series


KUCHING: Pay television servive provider Astro’s Chinese documentary series, Malaysia My Home – Story of Sabah & Sarawak beat four others to take home the Best TV Documentary award at the recent Anugerah Seri Angkasa (ASA) 2010.

JUBILATION: Choo (left) and Wong (right) receiving the award from presented Ahmad Izham Omar.

Exclusively produced under ‘Astro Ben Di Quan’ brand of local Chinese production, Malaysia My Home – Story of Sabah & Sarawak is also the first Chinese TV documentary to be recognised in this category.

Astro’s vice president of Chinese language and business, Choo Chi Han and the producer and director of the documentary series, Wong Kew Lit, received the award on Astro’s behalf.

“This locally-produced documentary is a highly-popular series on the Astro platform. It opens the door to the local culture, teachings and values of Chinese communities in Sabah and Sarawak,” Choo said.

He also attributed this success to the dedication of the production crew, and the support they received from community leaders, the media and the public.

Malaysia My Home – Story of Sabah & Sarawak debuted in November 2009 on Astro AEC (channel 301) and has since established a prominent role in the Chinese community.

It is a collection of tales passed throughout generations of Sabahan and Sarawakian Chinese immigrants’ reflecting changing times.

Among the interesting features in this installment of the series include the highlight of Bau Town _ one of the oldest Chinese settlement in Sarawak, and Sarikei renowned for its pepper farming, as well as Sandakan known as Little Hong Kong in Sabah.

“The key thing about the series is that it not only portrays the rich diverse culture of the East Malaysian Chinese communities, it also a window to the beauty and uniqueness of Sabah and Sarawak, which consequently helps boost local tourism,” Choo said.

Other successful documentaries promoting local culture include Stories of SJKC and travelogue Motosikal 2.0 ver.

Stories of SJKC is a 13-episode series that features 14 local Chinese primary schools including four East Malaysian schools – SJKC Chung Hua and SJKC Chung Hua Krokop in Miri, SJKC Shan Tao and SJKC St James in Kota Kinabalu.

Aired on Astro AEC on April 2010, the documentary showcased the development and uniqueness of these schools.

While, Motosikal 2.0 ver aired in October 2008, was the biking journey of Danny Koo who travelled across the beautiful Borneo Island; discovering neglected or even forgotten villages, places of interests, delicacies and even wild life.

“Even though some of these programmes have concluded their seasons, we still receive rave reviews and feedback from the audience. It inspires us to bring viewers more fresh and relevant content as a way of thanking them for their continuous supports to Astro.”

He added that besides auditions of Hua Hee Karaoke and Classic Golden Melody Singing Competition, audience can look forward to Hua Hee Makan, a food programme on Astro Hua Hee Dai (channel 333) that introduces traditional Hokkien cuisines.

The series will soon make its way to East Malaysia in searching of inherited family recipes.